3 Archetypes of Business - Time & Money
Do you know what Archetype you are? Visonary, Marketer or Manager?

Time & Money is a timeless guide for all people who are interested in creating a lifestyle, career and business that's really fit for them. Time & Money begins by walking you through the fundamental skills about the new human entrepreneurship with practical tips for seed projects.

With going through the chapters you learn step by step to build a lifestyle, career and business which your heart is beating for. I have it on my side for years and take in between a look at the chapters. Even if you just start a business or are already very successful, as a small business or the head of a big business, Time & Money is a high level very profound and inspiring book for ALL. 

For me it was very helpful to get to know the 3 Archetypes of Business, the visionary, marketer and manager. Check it out and let me know, what your Archetype is. I found out that I`m a Visonary with parts of a Marketer, and Manager...ohoh....has still to be developed....

I like it very much and recommend it to use it on a daily base! You will be surprised! It changed my life from being an ambitious housewife raising up 5 kids and doing massage by the side to a global entrepreneur, who was running a theater at Times Square and I found my own business "Your Dreamfinder Academy" in New York. This is truly a practical guidance to a fulfilled life and business. 

Now back in Switzerland, I`m driven to support and encourage people worldwide to create the life they are meant for. Let`s rewake your hidden dreams and true heart's desire. 

Your Dreamfinder,

Josefine Fett

P.S. Reach out for a 30minutes free Dreamfinder Discovery Session with me at

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